Donnie Rock: The True-Life Tales of a Male Pornstar (EXCLUSIVE)


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What’s a four-letter word that inevitably will turn heads when said in public? Porn—the all-but universally liked taboo entertainment that remains uncomfortable to openly discuss for most people today. Most of us keep this in great secrecy whilst leaving no trace. Your search history is gone, the tabs are closed out—all of the evidence has vanished before your eyes.

Porn remains in record high demand while society continues to stay silent on the billion-dollar industry, but the actors in these movies are real people. Who are these people, and what are their lives like? Is the porn industry a rocking life of never-ending super-stardom, partying and wild sex?

Well, we got the chance to speak with one. A full-time, male performer that goes by the name of Donnie Rock.

The alias comes from a hybrid of his favorite movie Donnie Brasco, and the surname “rock” in regard to his geology degree. According to him, this was all decided on a whim during a phone conversation with a friend. “I’ve always loved the movie, and I’ve made a habit out of getting drunk and referring to myself as Donnie since I was like 20.” He stated. “With that said, Donnie was a given for the first name, but I was like—what about the last name? I have a geology degree… rocks… Donnie Rock. Yeah, fuck yeah—I love it. I still love it and think it’s awesome.”

A self-described “orgasm-donor”, Donnie grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania to a working-class family. He wrestled in college where he earned his degree in geology that contributed to his now alias, though he says he’s never used it for much—as he’s always had an entrepreneurial mind. Donnie eventually moved to Colorado “for the hell of it” where he started a property management company that he built from scratch. He held onto the business for roughly 7 years before he eventually sold it and moved towns in Colorado.

Shortly after, Donnie’s unexpected venture into the porn industry would take flight. One night, he stumbled across a link on the internet advertising casting calls for a “porn reality show” called The Sex Factor. Following a brief submission of some basic information and pictures, he was promptly contacted by a producer from the show and invited to Las Vegas to audition. Not only did the 38-year-old bachelor go to the audition, not only did he get picked to be on the show—he then went on to become the male winner of the entire competition. After roughly five months of heavy travelling for his lucrative new gig, he decided to pack up and leave the mile-high life behind to move to Los Angeles and pursue porn full-time.

“Your network is your net worth” is a famous quote that definitely proved true for Donnie, as the cameraman for The Sex Factor ending up being affiliated with Penthouse and hired him for his first gig. Four years later, he remains in LA making a comfortable six figure income doing every man’s ultimate fantasy for a living. Most performers are contracted sole-proprietors that are paid as 1099 employees and yes, they pay taxes too. The money is great, and the work is seemingly dreamlike—but Donnie tells us not everything is what it seems.

When asked about common misconceptions or myths regarding the industry, Donnie had a few for us—and some of them may surprise you.

“The biggest one I’d say is that there’s no fluffers.” He stated. “It’s also not cocaine, booze and hookers every day. To be honest, it’s usually really boring and uneventful.”

Donnie says he doesn’t have a specific routine that he follows before scenes, though the work doesn’t come without preparation. “Like I said, it’s boring. I can’t just be sitting there and be ready to perform in a moment’s notice. I have to like, mentally turn myself on first.” He stated. When the scene is over, Donnie keeps it strictly business. “Shower is first, always. After that, I just grab my check and leave.”

While shooting the scenes, Donnie tells us that—for him, selling the scene to yourself is an absolute prerequisite for selling it to the cameras. “To be a good performer, you have to sell it. You might as well be into it, that way you don’t have to fake it.” He stated. “I always tell the girl I’m working with that we don’t have to like each other or whatever, we just have to fall in love for one hour.”

Another key point he made was the safety & cleanliness behind the work due to industry protocol. “In order to shoot, the scene must fall within a 14-day window of your last STD test. I do this full time, so I regularly test every other Wednesday.” He stated. “It’s literally the safest sex you could possibly have. Everyone’s clean, and you get to see the proof beforehand.”

His favorite part of the job was cut and dry, getting the check—a noble and honest response. How about his least favorite part? This one is arguably the most surprising. “I call it 13th grade. A lot of these girls are only 18 years old. I’m 38.” He stated. “It can be frustrating with a lot of them cancelling, changing plans, you know—the same shit as any other job.”

He ended this point with what I recommended he consider adopting as his new brand motto.

“Oh well, you live to fuck another day.” He stated with pride.

Fortunately, Donnie says he has faced little to no criticism from family and close friends regarding his line of work. “I’m a straight forward person, you either love me or you hate me.” He stated. “If you love me, you’re not going to care what I do. When it comes to my mom, she’s just happy I’m not doing anything illegal.”

As far as the future for Donnie Rock, he says he has recently been dabbling with the production side of the business and may end up pursuing that instead. “I think I can retire in porn if I ever actually decide to retire.” He stated. “I may not be performing always, who knows. If I’m 80, I can still direct and produce.”

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Donnie Rock: The True-Life Tales of a Male Pornstar (EXCLUSIVE)