Trump to Rural Pennsylvania: "Keep America Great"

Trump to Rural Pennsylvania: "Keep America Great"



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President Donald Trump held a rally in rural Pennsylvania on Monday where he flirted with the idea of switching up his campaign slogan, corroborated his firm stance on immigration and took a few jabs at Fox News.

As per Trump usual, he kicked off his portion of the rally with a series of boasts regarding his accomplishments in office as well as some charged statements to ignite his Keystone base.

“This is an incredible time for our country, the unemployment rate in PA has just reached an all-time historic low. That’s a pretty good statistic, how do you beat that?” he stated.

Throughout the president’s speech, several different people required medical attention—presumably due to heat exhaustion & dehydration. Trump made it a point to pause the rally each time to allow the person to be assisted.

The president showed extreme confidence going into the 2020 election, scoffing at the idea of a challenge from any of his political opponents.

“Those debates should be very easy when we meet whoever were going to meet.” he stated. “Who knows, politics is a crazy world, but when you have the best employment numbers, unemployment numbers—when you have the best economy, probably that we’ve ever had, I don’t know, how the hell do you lose this election, right?”

At one point, Trump flirted with the idea of altering his current “Make America Great Again” slogan to “Keep America Great.” His base seemed to approve highly, as there were frequent “4 more years” chants throughout his speech.

Pennsylvania’s primary election is Tuesday, May 21st for which the president urged his base to participate and vote in, whilst endorsing republican congressional candidate Fred Keller. Trump invited Keller up to speak during his time at the podium.

The president adlibbed his industrial efforts to the town of Montoursville, PA with the recent news that US Steel will be investing more than $1bil into its Mon Valley Works right outside of Pittsburgh.

Aside from economic metrics, Trump made a bold statement concerning his stance on immigration, namely coming from our southern border.

“The wall is being built as we speak.” he stated. “Our country is full; we don’t want people coming up here. Our country is full, we want Mexico to stop. We want all of them to stop.”

Trump followed this up circling back to his famous nickname for Pete Buttigieg, whilst taking a jab at Fox News’s Chris Wallace—the moderator for Buttigieg’s Town Hall event Sunday.

“Last night I watched Alfred E. Neumen.” He joked. “What’s going on with Fox by the way? They’re putting more democrats on than they are republicans—something very strange is going on there.”

The president wrapped up his rally with an important message for his base.


“Each of us here tonight are united by the same timeless values. We support the rule of law and the incredible men and women of law enforcement. We protect, cherish and defend the constitution of the United States, we reject the ideology of globalism, embrace the doctrine of patriotism and the doctrine that we love our country. We love the USA. We believe in strong borders, strong families and a strong national defense. We believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. We believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. We believe that children should be taught to love our country, to be proud of our history and to always respect our great American flag—and we believe in the national words of our motto “In God we trust.””


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