Trump Can't Ever Win, And That's Exactly Why He's Going to Win—Again

Trump Can't Ever Win, And That's Exactly Why He's Going to Win—Again

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You’ve seen it before, that miserable sad sack sitting at a casino slot machine after work shelling out every last penny they’ve got—only to get the same results over and over again.

We’ve seen quite a bit of similar behavior going on in Washington recently, and not from the big orange boogeyman that has been alleged to be anything from a hooded Klansman to a Russian agent—even though that has been debunked since March 24 by AG Bill Barr’s summary.

A lack of transparency by Trump and his administration has been a prominent criticism of the president.

So yesterday, when Trump ordered AG Bill Barr to declassify any evidence of spying on the 2016 campaign—you would think democrats would be celebrating their victory, but no.

Unsurprisingly, they’re enraged—and some of them are entirely delusional. Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff went as far as to call Trump’s declassification order a “stonewalling of the truth” as well as “un-American.”

Get that? Releasing information to the public means you are hiding something whilst doing a disservice to your country, according to the Russiagate tinfoil hat CIC.

In this casino, I’m keeping my chips on red.


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The Most Self-Loathing "Anti-Semite" Known to Man

The Most Self-Loathing "Anti-Semite" Known to Man

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President Trump has been defamed and smeared using a wide range of less than flattering names by a lot of angry people on the left in his fiery two-and-a-half-year deep term. Some of these individuals are in congress, and some of them are blatant anti-Semites.

Barbarically enough, these same terrorist sympathizing globalists that are loosely referred to as our “leaders” are the same ones pointing the finger at the president for every incident of anti-Semitism that occurs around the world. The Tree of Life Synagogue shooting? Trump’s fault. Another rocket barrage in Israel by the evil Hamas terrorist organization? Trump’s fault.

A small group of the radical left wing of the democratic party has taken measures to new levels of foot-in-mouth syndrome, and congresswomen Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib have undoubtedly received the most media attention in these anti-Israel efforts.

Representative Omar (D-MN) is a serial offender in slipping up with her anti-Semitic rhetoric, both on Twitter and in person. Omar has built a lengthy resume here with her comments that Israel has “hypnotized the world”, accused American Jewish lawmakers of dual loyalty to Israel, and alleged America’s support for Israel was attributed to foreign money.

Both Omar and congresswoman Rashida Tlaib have been open supporters and mass sympathizers of the Palestinian state which is currently run by Hamas, a violent and evil terrorist organization that seeks to blow Israel off of the face of the earth if it’s the last thing they do. When Israel responds with targeted strikes on specific terrorists, Tlaib and Omar never fail to be quick to criticize them merely for defending themselves.

Almost daily, Israel is hit with unguided rockets from Hamas intended to kill as many Israelis as possible—though some of the rockets actually either fall short of the Gaza border and strike & kill civilians within the Palestinian state, or they make it into Israel and end up killing non-Jews, or even Palestinian refugees fleeing Hamas of whom the Israelis granted asylum. You won’t find a Jew going about their business in the state of Palestine.

To put an official stamp of approval on her anti-Jew card less than six months into her first and last congressional term, Omar embraced the endorsement she received from vicious anti-Semite and Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan with open arms. Farrakhan was part of Facebook’s recent wave of blacklisting extreme voices and has been known for referring to Jews as termites that he would like to cleanse the world of.

She’s a serial offender for one reason, because her own party enables her to be. Not only are they not condemning it, they are allowing it to happen time and time again whilst repeatedly hurling all-but identical accusations in the other direction, which usually is aimed at Trump.

The party that has repeatedly condemned our president as an anti-Semite, among many other things has given Ms Omar a pass to what they claim our president is using to divide and tear the country apart.

Just a few months ago, David Duke—a white supremacist and former Grand Wizard of the Klu-Klux Klan, praised Omar on a podcast hosted on his website where he called the Muslim congresswoman “the most important member of the US Congress.” Duke, a wicked anti-Semite, spoke so highly of her due to her being “the only one willing to speak up against members of congress for dual loyalty.”

To no surprise, their common response to questioning the facts behind these indicting allegations is usually an anecdotal, emotionally charged rebuttal concerning the president’s rhetoric around the issue.

If you’re seeking bipartisanship on an issue, you’re certainly going to find it arguing that Trump runs his mouth a bit too much and a bit too loud. This is widely agreed upon in both parties, but it’s a leap and a half to connect the dots so far as to allege that he’s anything but accepting of Jews and/or that he’s using anti-Semitic rhetoric routinely with malicious intent. The difference here is merely the driving force behind the said rhetoric in question.

Okay look, I get it—you’re not a fan of Trump and you want to be able to get him from any angle. But, it’s a tough argument to make to suggest he’s even remotely anti-Semitic considering only a few basic facts about the man.

We are talking about a man with a Jewish son-in-law and a daughter that converted to Judaism. We are talking about a man who is so pro-Israel that he has faced harsh scrutiny for it. We are talking about a man who yesterday sent 1,500 troops to the middle east as a counter force against Iran, a nation that both supports and funds the Hamas terrorists of the Palestinian state. Israel is naming a town after Trump, and both him and Netanyahu have described their relationship as “mutually beneficial.”

Though many critiques of Donald Trump’s character are entirely valid and worth having a discussion about, anti-Semitic probably wasn’t the best move for the admitted anti-Semites. It’s honestly incredible and is difficult to accept the sheer level of foot-in-mouth syndrome. There are so many issues wrong with the logic behind the man so desperately wished by democrats to be a Nazi, when he’s really quite the opposite.

When a white supremacist that shoots up a synagogue slanders Trump in his manifesto as a Zionist and condemns him entirely, which also often condemns conservatism as well, it shows clearly that these hateful extremists are no ally to our president. Our president loves America and loves our allies and Israel is a major one. Jews are our brothers and sisters and will always have the protection of America.

I do not expect to convert others in terms of their political views, namely their feelings regarding President Trump—but my goal is rather to shed light on how disgusting and utterly repulsive it is to politicize something as heinous as anti-Semitism with the intent of defaming the sitting president. Not only is this behavior entirely divisive and far beneath the integrity of the United States government, but it does something additionally damaging to our Jewish friends all across the world.

False accusations of anti-Semitism, like almost all false accusations—are going to be most likely proven not to be true. When this is acceptable behavior and becomes a pattern, it opens the door for others to follow suit whilst watering down the credibility of those actually dealing with anti-Semitism.