Jay Taylor: The True-Life Tales of a Female Pornstar (EXCLUSIVE INTERVEW)

Jay Taylor: The True-Life Tales of a Female Pornstar (EXCLUSIVE INTERVEW)

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A few weeks ago, The Daily Noble interviewed Donnie Rock, a male pornstar—in order to kick off our new and exciting “NSFW” column. Naturally, we wanted to hear more, and from another perspective—the female perspective on the life of a pornstar.

To get these answers, we talked with Jay Taylor, a 27-year-old adult film actress from the West Coast that is 8 years tenure in the industry.

Born and raised in Southern California, she grew up riding & racing horses, working regular jobs and modeling. It was not until a bit later in life that she would wind up in the porn industry.

She initially got into modeling because her friend was a photographer, and he wanted to take pictures of her for his portfolio. Jay realized quickly in the modeling industry that it’s difficult to get work, especially if you’re not willing to do nude shoots.

Eventually, Jay would start both doing nude photoshoots as well as live camming. According to her, the money is much more lucrative, and the opportunities are much more prevalent when you’re willing to make that leap.

Jay tells us that today’s porn industry certainly is not what it was before the internet—as the market for adult entertainment has become entirely flooded as the practices become more socially acceptable, and technology evolves with it.

“Today, at least for girls, the less experience you have in the business can sometimes be better. They usually want to see the fresh new faces, or the well-known faces.” She stated.

While Jay does make a living off of porn, she tells us that her ventures in the industry go far beyond just shooting scenes. “Porn is my full-time gig, but I’ve actually moved behind the camera into more producing and content management.” She tells us. “I handle clip stores for over 20 different performers and companies right now.”

As far as shooting scenes professionally, Jay says she only does this about once every six weeks.

Fresh faces for the camera are certainly in high demand as well as supply, but many females in the industry apparently don’t actually make it very far at all.

“You get a lot of young girls from like, Nebraska or something. These girls are used to working at say, a frozen yogurt store—and all of a sudden they come to LA with like $15,000 and fuck a bunch of people.” She stated. “A lot of them end up not getting calls back, and now they’re stuck with this thing they did that isn’t going away and isn’t going to be a career either.”

Jay enjoys both the luxury of feeling like the sky is the limit in her line of work, as well as the broadening of opportunity within the industry.

“There’s just so much you can do in the adult industry. There’s camming, performing in scenes, photoshoots, producing—the list goes on.” She stated. “It’s not like you have to just be a pornstar, and dive right into gangbangs to make it.”

As far as feedback from friends and family, Jay tells us that it’s been primarily positive. Though some of them saw it as an adjustment, she says they came around to the idea fairly quickly.

The future in porn is looking bright for her, as she tells us that the majority of her work is being done more and more behind the scenes. Jay tells us she has no plans to ever retire from the industry.